Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tool #11 Reflection

Well, overall I must say my favorite tools for me are google reader and google docs! As for my kids, I am super excited to incorporate I touches and apps into my workstations! I think it will really motivate the kids. I also plan on setting up a blog for my classroom and hope to let the kids post things. I also know I will have the kids create a photo story that incorporates science or social study concepts! We did this last year with famous people and the kids LOVED it!

This 11 tools experience has been good! It has provided me with hands on learning so that I am more comfortable with incorporating various aspects of technology into my class. The kids NEED this, so I will for sure be using it more for products that the students produce.

There were no unexpected outcomes other than the fact that I feel more knowledgeable and comfortable using technology in my teaching! I really BELIEVE I can do it now! :)

Tool #11 Digital Citizenship

One of our units in Social Studies is teaching about being a good citizen. We discuss the qualities of a good citizen...what does one look like, sound like, and act like. We model examples of being a good citizen and not being a good citizen. Now that technology is a major part of our world and our classroom, I think digital citizenship should naturally be a part of our curriculum and teaching. Students must understand the proper way to use technology as well as the improper. Kids always get a kick out of the "incorrect" way to do things. I can model something as simple as deleting someone's hard work and the consequences or I could do something even more serious, such as posting something on a blog that should not be posted! I think the kids would see first hand the effects these 2 actions would have and how it is NOT showing digital citizenship! I want my kids to understand that once you act and do something, you cannot erase it, it is done and you must face the consequences. In addition I want my students to know that they can trust me and be honest with me. If they make a mistake, please let me know. Finally, I want my students to know that they must follow the rules just as any other rules and guidelines we have. Using analogies will be a major part of my digital citizenship lesson so that students can connect to what I am saying!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tool #10

I have NEVER used an Ipad, I phone or I touch...they seem really cool, but just never used one. WOW...the possibilities seem endless using this technology in the classroom! There are SO MANY apps that kids can use in stations, projects, or I can use to teach whole class or in small groups! Some of the free apps I found were Learn to Draw Dinosaurs, Read me Stories by 8interactive limited, and Sequence Search: Search for arithmetic sequences (like 2,4,6 or 3,7,11) in a number grid. Like word search, but with numbers. I am going to use the itouch as a literacy center and hopefully the students could learn how to use a new application each week or so. They are going to love it!