Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tool #11 Reflection

Well, overall I must say my favorite tools for me are google reader and google docs! As for my kids, I am super excited to incorporate I touches and apps into my workstations! I think it will really motivate the kids. I also plan on setting up a blog for my classroom and hope to let the kids post things. I also know I will have the kids create a photo story that incorporates science or social study concepts! We did this last year with famous people and the kids LOVED it!

This 11 tools experience has been good! It has provided me with hands on learning so that I am more comfortable with incorporating various aspects of technology into my class. The kids NEED this, so I will for sure be using it more for products that the students produce.

There were no unexpected outcomes other than the fact that I feel more knowledgeable and comfortable using technology in my teaching! I really BELIEVE I can do it now! :)

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