Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tool #2 Online Education Community

Wow! I think having an online education community would be great! Having the opportunity to communicate with other educators who share similar interests, teaching styles, etc. would allow me a chance to discuss new methods in teaching, ask questions, and extend my knowledge to become a better teacher! Education is always changing and each year brings a totally different group of learners. Trying to meets the needs of each child can be challenging, but being able to turn to others who are not on my campus would allow me a chance to maybe learn some new ideas and ways to help!So, I am excited to start blogging on the PLN!

Looking at the "advice on commenting" blog, I loved the part where it said teach children to blog! She posted a child's comment where he noted how comments made him feel important because he wrote things he wanted to share with everybody! I think of my pirple martin site! I write the blog to inform and to get others engaged it this amazing experience. Reading comments from the excited children and interested readers makes ME even more excited and know that my work is appreciated! I also liked the part that says "crticize kindly". What I write is important to me and if someone was being negative or putting me or my blog down, I know I would take great offense and be a little heartbroken.

I have looked at a bunch of the blogs and these are the ones that I have chosen to comment about:
This blog is interesting!
Great blog that provides new ideas for integrating technology into the classroom!
This is another site that offers really cool technolgy project ideas!
This class website is a good model for me as I begin my class site! :)
The last post on this blog has a great reflection about the format of workshops for teachers! Kim has it right on the money!


  1. I have really enjoyed your purple martins site as well. I have been working with Ms. Craddock at Frostwood on their Critter Cam this year. Maybe next year the two classes could collaborate on a project!

  2. Hi Karen! I am so glad you are enjoying the site! I plan on taking some pictures tomorrow and hopefully we will have some babies on Monday or Tuesday! :) I am curious about the Critter this a webcam? Since Meadow Wood will be torn down, we are looking into a webcam for our purple martin houses so that we can still observe and be a part of the amazing process! I would LOVE to collaborate next year..this really is such a fun project and the birds are wonderful!

  3. Yes, it is a webcam. It never made it outside (at least I don't think it did) because they had so much fun using it in the classroom with their fish and guinea pig. Love the pictures of the babies!

    Ps I have been following Kim Cofino for a while. She has terrific insight! I hope we can model some similar staff developments!

  4. Elise, I am continually in awe of your expertise and passion for working with your kids and learning new ways to enhance that learning. You are a constant inspiration. I have loved keeping up with purple martins and thank you for allowing me to be a small part of it during the school year.

  5. I recently visited the purple martin blog, and I am amazed! What a great way to keep us all updated. I have learned so much about them through all your efforts, and I am sure your students and fellow teachers will too!