Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tool #5 Bookmarking

I must admit, and you can tell by the dates of my assignment posts, this was not one of my favorites. I think having my bookmarks in a central location is nice, but it has been a little difficult to establish! I can see myself maybe using it once I play with it more, but I have worked a long time on this one!
I added one of my favorite sites to my bookmarks called The Reading Lady and I also added her blog to my google reader and blogs I follow! This is a great site! The link is listed under My Favorite Links, so please check it out!
Last week I attended a multi-sensory grammar workshop at Neuhaus. I learned some good ideas to incorporate into my Multi-sensory grammar teaching that I began last year! I am excited to see the benefits this program could have school wide! It seems to meet the needs of all learners! They suggested we join the Reading Teacher Network, so I have included it in my bookmarks. I have also become a registered user and subscribed to their newsletter so I can keep up with the latest learning trends and information to support my divers learners in the classroom! Please check out this great resource by clicking on the link in My Favorite Links.
The Daily Cafe is another site I just had to include. The Cafe, by the sisters, is an amazing resource for teachers of all grades. It provides an organized method for planning small group/individualized instruction in reading!It is a MUST read for sure! Just click on the link in My Favorite Links section to have instant access to this site!

As far as the TAGS for my bookmarks, I used comprehensiontools for the reading teacher and reading lady websites. I used this TAG because both of these sites provide tools for learners to use and improve their reading. For my third site, differentiating reading instruction for struggling readers, I used differentiation. This is huge in my classroom because NOT ALL LEARNERS are the SAME! Having access to ideas for differentiation will be something I continue to search for so I can add those sites under this TAG.

Ok, so the bookmarking is getting easier...but still a little more work than some of the other tools!

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