Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tool #9 Videos in the Classroom

Purple Martins have become a HUGE part of second grade since we won several grants and put in purple martin housing. Attached is a live video of a purple martin using a video camera that we will hopefully be able to purchase in the fall with a grant that hopefully we will get! :) This video will give students and up close experience of a real purple martin!

This 2nd video is of a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis. We study caterpillars and life cycles in 2nd grade. However, all too often, the kids miss the actual emerging of the butterfly, so this will allow the kids to see what happened while they were away!

Videos play a huge role in my teaching because they can show children what concepts look like "live"!! These are just 2 of the videos that I have found and posted. Videos can capture what photos and words cannot!


  1. I totally agree with you! I loved your blog!

  2. What great videos!! I know your kiddos will love watching these!! :)