Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tool #9 Skype and Jing these were both VERY new to me, but I think both would be useful in my 2nd grade classroom. We had penpals last year, so I think using Jing to take snapshots of things in houston,etc, and creating a slideshow etc to send to our penpals would be cool. The kids could choose what was important or critical info. As for skype...YEAH.... now my kids can talk to their grandparents! We have tried other video messaging things, but this really worked the best! The kids loved it and I can see skyping with penpals next year! I think it would also be beneficial to observe teachers teaching from a distance! What an amazing asset that can contribute so much to teaching and learning!

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  1. This is ALL very new to me!! I know about Skype from my own children, although I've never "skyped" (so many new words!!) No idea what Jing is but I guess I will soon!