Monday, July 19, 2010

Tool #7 Photo Story

Making photo stories is so much fun! My students last year made photo stories about famous people they were reading about and presented them to the class. The children LOVED the project and all were actively engaged!My husband took my daughter on her first plane ride and they went to Seattle. I was working on her pictures, so I decided to make a photo story using them! Enjoy! this isn't working..and I am on a different I will move on and then get back to it when I get home! I am curious why it didn't work? Oh well! Will try again! :) Moving on....hope that is ok! I made that video on my husband's computer and tried to change it to AVI format. I am still going to work on it, but until then, I took photos Ihad of Dr. Suess on my Dell and made another one! Cross your fingers...

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  1. I remember this photo story! One thing I miss this year is having an ACTIVboard in my classroom, but we do have iTouches and netbooks, so I will use those! :)

    Miss you!